Instructions for MØRCH tonearms:

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Finding an armtube for a cartridge:

A list of recommended armtubes for use with various cartridges is available.

Alternatively, use this form to find the recommended MØRCH armtube for use with a cartridge for which the weight and compliance is known.

The compliance value should ideally be measured at 10 Hz, which is normally the case for European cartridges. Compliance values for Japanese cartridges are usually measured at 100 Hz, and those for American products are often static values. (The unit of measurement can also be given as µm/mN, 10-6cm/dyn or 'cu' but the value is the same.)

Enter values in the fields and select the appropriate compliance measurement, then click "Update":

Cartridge weight (g):
Compliance (mm/N):  Type of measurement:


Matches: (none)

The recommended NARROW armtube is shown. If two armtubes are almost equally good, then both will be shown.

PRECISION/red and 12"/red can be used where the recommendation is “red” or “green”.
PRECISION/blue and 12"/blue can be used where the recommendation is “blue”.

Other documents:

Special about 12 inch armtubes

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